Upcycled candle holder


I have a new upcycled project to share with you that is finally complete!

Remember my very successful thrifting adventure a couple months ago?

Remember those ugly candle holders I found?

Yes that's actually two, they were just sort of stacked to make room in my picture for ALL MY TREASURES (moohaa haa haa).  Anyhoo, so I removed the metal candle holder of the wall plaque and placed both wood pieces down on a piece of packaging paper (that I saved for just such an occasion.....You can find me later this month on the show Hoarders)

I spray painted them both white.  Then I took some of the extra house wall paint colors and brushed over the wood, covering each piece completely.

Quickly I wiped down the surface with an old rag.  I didn't worry about getting into the crevices, but didn't leave any huge puddles either.  Above you can see a picture of the wall plaque complete and the square candle holder still white.

I'm not a huge fan of the square candle holder to begin with, but they came together.  I am now using it as a pencil holder on the kids desk, (which might I add is on the pottery barn kids table that I got on the same thrift spree).  Like the maps behind the desk? That's my project last week, "Wallpapering with maps."

I like how it turned out.  I didn't have any fun colored candles on hand, but a green would be nice here in my bathroom.