More Shutters...


The Shutter Wall*cue music* dun Dun DUN!!!  And the painting continues...  I stopped by my local Habitat for Humanity Thrift Shop in search of shutters.   I found a few traditional shutters and two long louvered doors.  I plan on using the louvered doors to fill in the space between the larger shutters when nothing else will fit quite right.  I'm tempted to attach everything to the wall in it's spot and THEN paint.  This way I can make sure the colors are just right.

Habitat for Humanity has all sorts of random items.  I found this glass light globe and I think it could work perfect for a hanging votive candle or flower vase like I saw at Anthropologie.

I also picked up a few cabinet doors.  I think these have endless possibilities.  Chalkboards, magnet boards, frame for artwork using a clip or magnets... I could go on and on....and you know I will!

In fact I started painting one already.  Because for some reason I don't feel complete unless I have at least 23 incomplete projects.   doh!