Suburban Farming

>My friend Rachel from Suburban Farming, shared with me her reclaimed wood raised vegetable gardens. reclaimed wood raised vegetable garden

Rachel's garden is all about upcycling and growing plants that can produce food on her plate.  And she might be onto something here...why waist your energy on plants that can't return the favor?

reclaimed wood raised vegetable garden

Her raised beds are made from a fence that was taken down in her back yard.

reclaimed wood raised vegetable garden

She took apart old cribs to use as growing supports.

Have you ever heard of vermiculture?  "Worm composting is an incredibly efficient way to convert kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost for your garden." My son's school has a couple tower worm compost bins like this one and they sell the "worm juice" for a pretty penny.  It's fantastic for your plants!  The bottom tray is where you find all the liquid from the compost and worms.  Trays like the one pictured above have a tap.  Weren't you just saying how badly you needed worm juice on tap?

Rachel has found a way to make her own worm composting bin.  Two large rubbermaid containers with one punctured lid.

The bottom of the top container also has holes.

The top container holds her compost, and the bottom is where she collects her worm juice.  Rachel recommends using smaller rubbermaid containers because hers is too large to move very easily.  She leaves it outside all summer and brings it into her garage in the winter.  Check her blog for more information.