Girls Trip to Europe Day 5 - Travel to Spain, Spanish Paellas

Girls Trip To Europe Day 5 Barcelona Continued from Girls Trip To Europe

metro stairs paris girls trip to europe

Ari and I decided to use public transportation to get us to the Orly Airport.  A taxi from the Charles de Gaulle airport to our hotel had been 50 euros on our first day in Paris.  One Metro, 86 steps and a 22 euro bus ride later we had saved ourselves about 12 euros total getting to the Orly Airport.    Just enough savings to consider having a "free meal" as our reward.  ding ding ding...  WINNERS!  (note:  that IS me at the top of those stairs....)

May I Help You Orly Airport Girls Trip to Europe

Look what a cutie Paris provided us.  Yes we need help...putting you in our pocket!  He was here to help people figure out how to scan airplane ticket to get into security.  I'm sure you can imagine Ari and I giggling our way through.  Next I would like to have shown you our photo of me drinking my water bottle.  Pretty much everytime we went through security I would forget to empty it and so I always had to chug it.  But because we were forced to erase a bunch of photos off our memory card by airport security, I'm afraid to put it on my blog.  Maybe it holds special secret security information and somehow they missed erasing it.

orly airport girls trip to europe No morning would be complete with out cafe au lait and chocolate croissants.

About 45 minutes later we took breaks to use (and photograph) the potty (photos of cools signs later...) and thankfully realized we had been waiting at the wrong gate.  I have no idea what possessed us to believe this was the correct gate and I'm so thankful we found out before it was too late.  Silly girls...

Our flight to Barcelona was only about an hour and a half.  I enjoyed looking out the window and watching the countryside.  It reminded me much of Sonoma and northern California but with more little lakes.

BCN Events Hotel Castelldefels spain

Our Hotel in Spain was located in Castelldefels which was a 20 Euro cab ride from the airport.  From the window you could see the Olympic Channel from Spain's Summer Olympics.  The Hotel was about 2 Kilometers to the train station where a train was twenty minutes from Barcelona.  It was located next to a major shopping mall and walking distance to the beach.  The free WiFi was inaccessible from our room but okay from the bench next to the elevator.  So you can just imagine us face timing our family from the hallway.

key card hotel lights girls trip to europe

Just like our hotel in Paris, the BCN also had a key card to activate the lights.

europe bidet two button flush girls trip to europe

I was so excited to find we had a bidet.  I've always wanted to try these was everything I ever dreamed of...  Our toilet also had a number one flusher and a number two flusher.  Oh happy day fancy fancy!


paella spain girls trip to europe

We freshened up and spent our evening in Barcelona enjoying a seafood Paella, empanadas and our Spanish alcohol beverages of choice: una estrella y una sangria.

plastic vase disposable barcelona spain girls trip to europe

The tables of one of the restaurants had disposable purple plastic vases.  They were like vase bags.  Very clever.

Dessert and a train ride home to Castelldefels where we taxi'd back to our hotel for about 5 euro.

Ari watched futbol while I took a hot bath.  The game was delayed due to rain but we were informed later that Barcelona won.

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