Chalkboard Paint Lamp

chalkboard paint lamp

Remember my Facebook Photo?  The big ugly lamp?

As always, I found myself inspired by Jenny Barker.  Her lamp (pictured above), resides in her beautiful home in Redondo Beach.

big ugly lamp

This giant atrocity caught my eye and filled my mind with possibilities.  It also filled up the back of my van...

The wooden design around the base of the lamp was broken but a little glue and pressure patched it right up.

Soap and water and dirty splattered my kitchen counter as I scrubbed off years of disgust.

Painting this guy was splattering mess.  I should have taken a cue from the dirt splatter kitchen during the washing process.  Production was moved outside over a tarp.

Both the base and the shade took two complete coats with a patchy third.

chalkboard lamp

The fun thing is I can change up words or design on the shade.

chalkboard lamp

Yes....It's still a big ugly lamp.  But now it's a big ugly black chalkboard lamp which somehow makes it better.  The lamp itself has a three way bulb and on high it puts out enough light to provide adequately for my workspace in the evening.  I have another task light when I'm doing big projects.

chalkboard lamp