My Favorite Pot


Descoeware RO 10   5 DF

My favorite pot.

Stamped Made in Belgium under it's lid and Descoeware RO 10   5 DF under base.

Bought at a thrift store in Rohnert Park in 1997 when I got my first apartment for sophomore year at Sonoma State University.  I liked the color, the size, the quality and... the price.       $5.00

As I left the thrift store that day the lady said to me, "You will love this pot more then you know.  It will be your go-to pot for years to come."  She was right.  I heart my yellow pot.


Descoeware RO 10   5 DF

The incident.

I will not mention names but I believe there may have been a cat and four kids involved.  The sad part was that the pots demise was casually mentioned to me during a sushi lunch with family.  I broke down in tears and sobbed.

Yes.  Sobbed.

Right there.  In the middle of the restaurant in front of family and neighboring patrons.  (There IS a chance it MAY have been an emotional time of the month for me....)  Now if you follow my blog you may remember my dream bed where tears also flowed freely.  I guess sharing all this may make me sound like a cry baby.....well.... I was going to try to come up with some great excuse here but I guess it is what it is. ;-)

BUT THAT'S ALL OKAY!  My yellow pot from college has now been given a spot of honor in my kitchen and it still brings me joy with it's happy color.

And my sweet heart bought me a new one.  (And let's pretend it's totally clean in this picture.)  This one is an 11 inch Le Creuset and it sure get's it's fair share of family sized portions of steal cut oats and popcorn.

But not at the same time.  Cuz that would be gross.