"Our Neighborhood" Home Project

art auction children's project

Perhaps you remember last year's auction art project for my daughter's primary Montessori classroom.  It was titled "Our Neighborhood."  I don't believe I ever shared my family's version of this same project.  It is very similar with a silhouette of Mt Rose and Slide Mountain as the backdrop but our piece also has a mini version of the strip in downtown Reno.  When coordinating an art project to be made in a classroom environment with multiple children, I prefer to do a sample project first with my kids at home.  I've actually had a couple failed ideas *gasp*...

elementary art auction project

The project with Zebra's school had a house for each 2nd and 3rd year primary student, one tree for each 1st year student and a school designed by the teacher's aid.  There was quite a story to how it was framed, you should check it out.

kindergarten auction project

My daughter Zebra did the majority of the houses, as she is still at the age where being involved in a mommy fueled art project is cool.

My son, R and my nephew each designed one house which was enough for them.  Any more would have been a lot like pulling teeth.

My little son, T who was two at the time, basically scribbled with the oil pastels onto the green paper which I cut into the shape of trees (after his artistic embellishments).  I did one tree and Zebrae also did a couple.

Zebra and I worked together on the downtown strip.  To this day, more then a year later, she gets very excited when we drive downtown and she sees the buildings that we colored together.  The RENO sign is especially her favorite.  "Mommy look!  It's like our artwork!"

For a full tutorial on this project, please check out last years post.  It brought in $1300 for the school.

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