DIY Yoga Ball Desk Chair

yoga ball desk chair diy

I recently found a dining table from the 1920's to use an office desk.  Let me tell you it is pretty sweet and I'll share it with you soon.  The problem is that the desk it is replacing has adjustable legs so I was able to keep it pretty low.   I was using the big blue yoga ball, the largest one you can get, but it is still not high enough for a traditional desk, let alone a dining table.  I'm 5'2" with a short torso so I'm rather vertically challenged, especially when sitting.  (I sit on a pillow to drive our full size van).  I researched online for yoga ball chairs, but none of them are height adjustable.  They cost a pretty penny as well.  Cue the hardware store...  Pictured above you see a wooden cross with wheels under a wooden pot, both from Home Depot.  My smaller green yoga ball puts me at the perfect height.  On top I have a lambs wool pelt I used for my kids' carseats when they were babies.  It now keeps my tooshie happy.

So voila!  A yoga ball desk chair you can put together yourself!

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