Shutter Wall -- New Dining Room Chairs!

>I was thrifting around the other day when I came across a pretty sweet couple of finds.  It was 30% off day and we'll just say I had to take like 6 trips to bring all my goodies home.  I saw this beautiful dining room table from the 1920's and just had to figure out how to use it.

I first discovered it earlier in the week, but once it hit 30% off I knew it just had to be mine.  The table is now my new office desk (post coming soon), and the chairs are perfect in my dining room with my Shutter Wall.

shutter wall

I'll probably recover their seats with a fun bright color, (maybe turquoise?) and I hope to someday construct a larger dining room table with a concrete top.  Check out the detail in these chairs, aren't they gorgeous?

1920's dining room chairs shutter wall

Are room designs ever complete in your house?  I'm beginning to think that my house is always in a state of evolution!

On a personal note, I hope to share more posts soon from my explosion of creative projects on which I've been working.  My son and I tried homeschooling these past few months.  More power to you homeschool parents!  That is some serious hard work.  All in all it was a wonderful experience however I have decided that sending my son TO school is a better option for me.  I missed my selfish creative projects, I missed having the laundry done, and I missed my sanity.  All I can say right now is....yay for summer camp!