Much Needed Epson Salt Soak

>This has been a long week.  My trip to LA last weekend was fantabulous. Had I been given the opportunity to sleep, then perhaps facing this past week with the three kids and a husband out of town would not have been so laborious.

I was gifted with an abundance of juicy surprises by these guys:

As well as a couple small packages from this one:

One of the aforementioned surprises was rolled in by this guy:

....which proceded to cover him from head to toe.  I got the kids started on breakfast and then bathed the little mutt, but not before he ran around the entire house!  We were a little late to school that day.  Is poop an excused tardy?

Last night, after getting the house put to sleep, I took some epson salt,

...and poured it into a HOT bath, adding a salt crystal to help detox from my week.

And then after I dropped the big kids off at school, I took Three-point-O to the gym daycare, by passed the Pump class and headed straight for the spa and sauna.  It was just what I needed.  After my "hard workout" I found message from this guy...

...saying he took the early flight this morning so that he could be home today around 2 (instead of the expected 7)

I was so blissed out from my relaxation this morning and excited to see my man, that my failed attempt to run into the mall with this:

....didn't bother me (too much).

As for accomplishments this week, (like besides keeping everyone alive), I picked up some supports for my tree branch curtain rods that I'm working on for the master bedroom.

After much deliberation at Lowes, I opted for the top plant hook to be used as a support bracket.  I plan on painting them white and possible sanding down the edges for an aged finish.  They were about six bucks each and I'm excited to say I was able to use my Lowes gift card from the One Project Closer contest that I won for my shutters.  Be sure to cast your vote for the finals!

And for me?  It's off to the airport now to pick up my love!