First Day of School


Back to school.  Are you ready? I can't tell if I am or not, but it's here.  We made lunches last night and laid out our clothes for this morning, but who can predict the cause of the morning chaos?  Yes I neglected to lay out socks for my second grader so what did I expect when he showed up at the car with out shoes or socks and crazy unbrushed hair? Anyhow they're at school and besides the lunch forgotten in the car, all is well and the house is quiet.  Well, quiet besides the occasional screams of a 2 year old.

Time to tackle one of my inboxes.

No, not that one.  I'm still avoiding that one...

My big red bowl of "stuff to do" that is overflowing on my desk.  Isn't this bowl cute?  Savers...$5

The hammered aluminum napkin holder is full of my son's reading flashcards we used over the summer

So I'm sure there are important papers to be signed (school related volunteer forms......oh so important),  but the tubes of woven material have been bugging me for too long now.  It's time to tackle a project.

I acquired these two remnant rolls of Ikea blinds from a garage sale for free.  I figured they'd be perfect for something.  After bringing them home, I found their true calling.

The bottom shelves of my glass front bookcases in my living room hold junky boxes and old scrapbooks (the kind I need to save from their acid pages......someday).

I took cheapo kid art paper and taped the window to hide my 'treasures.'

The paper was professionally installed with....scotch tape and it's not looking so hot.

After gathering my supplies of scissors and electrical tape, I cut part of the woven paper to fit one window.  Ten minutes later of searching for the electrical tape, only to find it in my back pocket, I realized that I did not have enough of this woven material to cover all four windows (I have two bookcases).  DOH!  Plan b....

The buffet under my television has decorative metal work in the doors.  I previously staple gunned green fabric to the inside of the door.  Originally I used black mesh screen material but changed it out for the green fabric to lighten it up and bring some color to the room.  I never really liked how it turned out.  Perhaps if I had ironed the fabric first (*gasp*) it would have been better.

After ripping out the fabric (good times), I used the electrical tape to attach my woven material to the inside of the doors.

The photos don't really do it justice but the change looks clean and tidy.

It has a modern flare to it that the fabric was lacking.

My inbox is still overflowing, but one thing at a time right?  Glad I started with the important tasks!

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