Summer Hiatus


"Summertime and the livin's easy..."  *Sublime*

I'm enjoying doing small projects here and there around the house, but I haven't had the heart to make myself sit down and blog about them.  In fact I've been trying to make myself chill out a little and actually sit and read or veg in front of the tube.  Sometimes I feel like I'm running down a hill with projects, kids activities, chores, etc and I forget to slow down and rest.  In fact I expected the end of the school year chaos to diminish and for the long days of summer to bring a little R & R to my life.  Instead I found that between much loved visitors, summer activities and house projects, my life nearly sped up rather then slowed down.  With three young children I'm finding that I have to plan to do nothing and schedule a rest.

So I apologize for neglecting my blog for a little bit.  I'll soon sit down and get you pictures of all my recent projects.  I've actually finished my shutter project and am working on the rest of the room so my "after" picture will be more complete.  Dan and I painted the playroom and I sewed cute curtains using the tree and bird fabric you chose.  We've had two birthdays this month, a couple camping trips, hosted a soccer coach from Wales, spent some time at the lake and this weekend my daughter and I will be leaving the boys behind and are headed for a girls weekend in L.A.  Perhaps I'll have to stop at Anthropologie again!

Besides indulging myself with the book Twilight, I've been reading Getting Organized in the Google Era by Douglas C. Merril.  On page 30 he writes, "...when students graduate, they enter the workforce having been conditioned for years to think of the summer months as downtime.  Being disorganized and unproductive between Memorial Day and Labor Day have become engrained habits." It's a very informative book and the section about the summer vacation dilemma gives no answers but has given me something other then myself to blame about my lazy summer attitude!

What have you been up to?